April Alerts

Dear all,

hopefully you’re all doing well - a warm welcome to all new subscribers!
Since Covid eventually got me two weeks ago, screen time obviously increased even further, so here are my top

3 Things To Watch:

On Netflix   tick, tick...BOOM! Lin-Manuel Miranda's debut as a movie director portraits the life and work of musical composer Jonathan Larson - played by a singing and dancing Andrew Garfield, who nailed the role, got a well-deserved Oscar nomination and didn't hit anyone at the gala despite not winning ..

On YouTube   LOFTmusic has a pretty cool catalogue of recorded live concerts, the ones with Friedrich Gulda are always highlights: Gulda plays Gulda | Gulda plays Mozart. With Sunglasses.

On Apple+   WeCrashed The Rise and Fall of WeWork, formerly one of the world's most valuable startups.

2 Top Tracks To Listen To:

In Unison, the new Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra by Joey Roukens is the centerpiece of the upcoming album "Dutch Masters" by Lucas & Arthur Jussen - one movement is out already, it's spectacular, I made it my ringtone immediately.

Probably I'm the last one to the party, however Jon Batiste won five Grammy's last night, among others for his super cool album WE ARE - hard to pick a top track, for now I go with the opener I NEED YOU.

1 Fabulous Friend Of Mine Who Does Something Cool:

My dear friend, longtime running buddy and entrepreneurial role model Christian Wallin is about to start T-Groups: A Seminar On How To Master The Art Of Connecting Across Differences - we took part in a similar workshop together some years ago and the experience stays with me to this day. Definitely check it out!

Many thanks for reading - as always, looking forward to hearing back from you.
Best wishes,

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