Apple Coffee

Dear all,

if you haven't read last week's recommendations, you should: they checked out!

Also, I'm dispensing with the 3-2-1 format at least for this issue as well as the next two and switch from bullet points to freestyle. As much as I value consistency and predictability, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck also resonates big time.

If you're in Zürich soon, consider spending a night out at the Musikkollegium Winterthur: chief conductor Roberto González-Monjas and Intendant Dominik Deuber together with their team do super programming there and I was lucky enough to learn more about their very promising future plans over dinner after a super concert with a most entertaining Joyce DiDonato in top form last Thursday.

The three-time-Grammy-winning mezzo-soprano was the third person in a short while who told me that I remotely resemble Roger Federer. As flattering / obvious as that may be, more importantly, The Maestro promotes traveling Switzerland by train in this funny clip with Trevor Noah and I definitely take some of this beautiful routes this summer, making the most of my Interrail Global Pass.

Train Rides get even more enjoyable with the best technical gear and of course MUSIC: As a life-long Apple aficionado I was of course super curious what the Apple Music Classical launch this past Tuesday would hold in store and I'm very happy with the results: besides being very exited for my dear friend Alice Sara Ott who headlines the launch of the app with an exclusive recording of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 1, Apple Music Classical in my opinion rather successfully tackles the ongoing complex issue of suboptimal search possibilities / inconsistent search results for classical music pieces on the other streaming services you know. Learn more and have a listen - reportedly an Android version is in the making, too. Apple Music Classical also claims to have the biggest catalogue of classical music available - over 5 million tracks - which is probably mainly due to the huge amount of live concert recordings by the world's finest orchestras which are now out exclusively on the app.

About to arrive in the German capital, so that's it for today and if you're in Berlin on Monday or Tuesday: let's have coffee!