Bach & Breakpoints

Dear all,

This week, I have for you: beautifully reimagined Bach compositions, wise words by Roger Federer, and ways to win as a creative. Dive in and enjoy!

Worth Listening To

When the algorithm does its thing: Instagram pushed Noa's "Letters To Bach" into my timeline a few days ago, and it’s been playing a lot over here since. I love the way Noa puts her personal, contemporary lyrics - exploring themes of love, politics, and social issues - on top of Gil Dor’s beautiful performance of many of Bach’s best-known tunes.

Worth Watching

Roger Federer's 2024 commencement speech at Dartmouth College, which he gave last week. He revealed, among other thought-provoking learnings of his own, that while winning almost 80% of his 1,526 singles matches, he only won 54% of the points. #ItsOnlyAPoint
Can’t wait for the documentary "FEDERER: Twelve Final Days" dropping on Prime Video this Friday!

Worth Reading

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