Corea Chic

Dear all,

This week's recommendations invite you to immerse yourself in elegance and creativity across genres. From the melodies that move us to the stories behind fashion's most celebrated figures, each suggestion is a step into a world of inspired beauty and innovation. I hope you enjoy it:

Worth Listening To

Don't miss Chick Corea's live album "Sardinia" featuring Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 24 performed with unmatched sprezzatura, and also including Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue which had its premiere exactly 100 years ago. Specifically recommend for when you're stuck in traffic or a full tram. It was my personal savior this Monday morning!If you intend to forward this to classical music purists - which by all means you should do - please include this trigger warning: there's applause not only after each movement, but even within! #allthatjazz 💯👌 

Worth Going To

Switzerland is in for a treat this week, since it hosts some of my favorite friends and Grammy-winning artists: Barbara Hannigan and Time for Three.
Wednesday & Thursday in Basel: Time For Three with "Contact"
Saturday & Sunday in Zurich: Barbara Hannigan with "Electric Fields" Catch them, if you can!

Worth Reading

For those looking to reignite their reading habit, appreciate visual learning, and have a passion for fashion, this is for you: "The Lives of 50 Fashion Legends". It's filled with astonishing anecdotes: did you know Vivienne Westwood began her career as a primary school teacher? Or that Karl Lagerfeld designed the world's longest runway for Fendi on the Great Wall of China?"

All my best -