Cycles & Classics

Dear all,

This week, we’re exploring the incredible feats of human endurance, enjoying some timeless musical pairings, and diving into the wisdom of ancient Greece. Here are my top picks:

Worth Watching

Whether you’re into cycling or not, watch “Tour De France: Unchained“! Season 2 just dropped on Netflix, and watching it will make you redefine what human beings are capable of. If you start Season 1 on Thursday and watch one episode per day, you’ll be done on Friday, June 28. On June 29, this year’s Tour starts!

Worth Listening To

Leonard Bernstein’s pairing of Bizet's Symphony No. 1 with Offenbach's Gaîte Parisienne- for some reason, it’s only available on Apple Music. Sorry to everyone else, but after yesterday’s WWDC Keynote, you might want to join the cult anyway. Let's talk about that opening sequence! #AppleAficionado

Worth Reading

All my best -David