Joyful June

Dear all,

Last month was filled with concert and travel highlights.First, from Barcelona to A Coruña on the much-recommended Spanish trains, to catch a rare live performance of Joey Roukens' superb 'In Unison'.Following this, I had the pleasure of attending Anna Lapwood's exceptionally well-curated Organ Celebration at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This event undoubtedly ranks among my most memorable concert experiences, with its seamless blend of music and moderation. Keep an eye out for Anna's debut album, set to release in September. In the meantime, you can enjoy Anna's rendition of the Davy Jones tune from 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.Italy is always the best idea and I very much enjoyed a couple of laptop-free days at I Cucali, a charming B&B on the Adriatic coast. I discovered this gem through Pretty Hotels. Both are worthy additions to your bookmarks!Relatively recharged, I traveled to Prague to hang with my friends Nick, Charles and Ranaan aka Time for Three and watched them perform the Grammy-winning piece 'Contact' by Kevin Puts. Do check it out!

Book of the Month goes to the 'Almanack of Naval Ravikant'. The compilation resonated deeply with me and I'd recommend giving it a read; it's available for free. Currently, I'm exploring Naval's 'further reading' recommendations.

The final episode of Ted Lasso aired a few weeks ago and hit all the right notes. I highly recommend downloading all three seasons to your devices so you can enjoy it while waiting for your inevitably delayed flight this summer.

Wishing you happy travels, David