Looking Promising

Dear all,

partly referring to my latest attempt at establishing the weekly habit of sending these letters of recommendations, however mainly pointing out the fact that I haven't finished consuming some of the following recommendations myself. I'm confident that they're worth checking out though. So, without further ado, here are my top picks for this week:

3 Things To Watch:

The Night Agent has only been out on Netflix only since Friday and I watched 7 out of 10 episodes already and am positive by finishing it by the end of today!

What Jamie Cullums says. And then watch the amazing encores that followed his 2010 appearance at the BBC Proms.

For the past couple of weeks I've been following Boris Herrmann and Team Malizia on The Ocean Race and it's amazing to watch how they're coping with everything on the toughest team trip around the globe. Follow them on Insta, too.

2 Things To Read:

I'm about halfway through "Connect The Dots - The Art of Creating Good Luck" by Christian Busch. It was also recently published in German as "Erfolgsfaktor Zufall" and I do share Cal Newport's verdict on it:

'More than just a way to create exciting opportunities, it's the foundation for a more optimistic and meaningful life. An important book for a complicated world'

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Just signed up to The Weekly Filet after browsing fellow publications on Ghost, the platform that is hosting David's Dearest. Very curious what recommendations I'll receive next Friday, as David Bauer's philosophy on curation totally resonates with mine.

A Lot To Listen To:

Contrary to the above, I actually have been through my curated Spotify playlists a lot and just added some new tunes - give them a listen, and don't hesitate to subscribe if you like what you hear!

Until next week,David