Prose & Perception

Dear all,

This week's cultural curation includes some beautiful music, a classic film, and a thought-provoking read:

Worth Listening To

Definitely dive into the studio recording of The People United Will Never Be Defeated! by Frederic Rzewski, beautifully interpreted by Vadym Kholodenko. Additionally, you're invited to watch Vadym's phenomenal live performance of this superb piece which was met with standing ovations in London last week:

Worth Watching

If you want to celebrate William Shakespeare's (probable) 460th birthday, you might consider watching Kenneth Branagh's masterful 1993 film adaption of Much Ado About Nothing, featuring Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves besides the director and also introducing Kate Beckinsale.

Worth Reading

Why Do We Stop Finding New Music? Explore this interesting read on open-earedness, sonic stagnation, and music's optimal stopping point.

All my best -David