Symphony & Strategy

Dear all,

this week, I'm inviting you all to dive in for a journey through classical tunes with a modern twist, marketing genius that goes beyond the pitch, and wisdom that endures. Enjoy!

Worth Listening To

A recent conversation with a dear friend led me to properly check out Beethoven X - The AI Project. Completed already in 2021, this project clearly showcases the thrilling potential of artificial intelligence. Give the full album a listen, too!

Worth Watching

Marketing done just right: A brilliant spot featuring David Beckham, Thierry Henry, and an intriguing empty bag of chips showcases storytelling at its finest. With many orchestras and opera houses unveiling their upcoming season, imagine the impact if arts administrators and classical musicians embraced such captivating marketing narratives!

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Worth Reading

This quote by James Clear unexpectedly surfaced while scrolling through Instagram, and it resonated profoundly, especially today, as I navigate formulating expectations in my professional life:

Being good at what you do is partially about competence, but not exclusively. Two other things that matter:

Reliability. You do what you say you’re going to do - on time and as expected.

Enthusiasm. You’re excited to be here and eager to work on this problem.

Skills matter, but in many cases it’s your reliability or attitude that separates you from the pack.

James Clear

All my best -David