Tubas & Transformations

Dear all,

here are this week's recommendations for you:

Worth Listening To

Through the hilarious German newsletter by Andreas Martin Hofmeir, I've been made aware that the tuba is the 'Instrument of the Year' for 2024. I urge you all to listen to Andreas' superb album featuring a few tuba concertos together with the Munich Philharmonic, released 10 years ago.

Worth Going To

It's definitely the cultural opening of the year in Munich: the Bergson Kunstkraftwerk will finally open in April 2024 and the first concerts of their spectacular ensemble in residence - the fabulous Jazzrausch Bigband (featured here before) - have just gone on sale. Get your tickets now and experience the fantastic performances in the unique Bergson atmosphere!

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Fabulous Friend

For years, my dear friend Christian Wallin has been a great help to me on various occasions and topics. It's fantastic to see him opening up his program "T-Groups: Empowering Remote Leaders in Building Meaningful Connections" again. With only two spots left for the upcoming cohort, be quick to join if the topic interests you!

All my best -David