Tunes & Transitions

Dear all,

here's this week's cultural catch as well as some personal news:

Worth Listening ToFrancesco Tristano is among the most versatile artists I know and I can whole-heartedly recommend literally all of his recordings and live shows: him playing the Bach Piano Concertos, his very own pieces or his sets featuring piano and live electronics.

Worth Watching"Masters of the Air" just dropped on Apple TV+ and looks very promising after 2 episodes - more coming every Friday. If you liked "Band of Brothers", this show is definitely for you. Another recommendation would be "Operation Mincemeat" which was just released on Prime Video - I really enjoyed watching this one in the cinema two years ago.

What's NewAfter over a decade of being most enjoyably self-employed, I am happy to report that I just signed my first-ever employment contract and will double down on sforzato which I co-founded last year. In order to orchestrate digital success throughout the performing arts sector, we are growing our team and are looking for candidates in the areas of web development and social media management. Do let me know if you are one or know anyone who might be interested. Thank you!

All my best -David