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hope this finds you all very well! Sorry for the long radio silence, (writing) habits are harder to build than it seems. Anyway, I've recommended James Clear's Atomic Habits before and now it's time to go on step further and apply his fantastic 3-2-1 Thursday Newsletter to the Performing Arts.
Here goes - to be refined in the coming weeks:

3 Concerts & Operas you should go to:

Ray Chen & Julio Eilzalde return to Davies Symphoy Hall for a recital featuring works by Beethoven, Stravinsky, Tartini, Brahms and Sarasate
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October 30, MILANO, Italy
Chen Reiss appears in the title of Calisto in Cavalli's opera of same name at Teatro alla Scala (also November 02, 05, 10 & 13)
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November 7, LONDON, United Kingdom
Alice Sara Ott performs her new program "Echoes Of Life" at Southbank Centre. In this superb new recital, Alice alternates Chopin's 24 Preludes with seven pieces by of 20th and 21st century composers, including herself. The recital is accompanied by a full-length video installation designed by architect Hakan Demirel, taking us on a virtual journey through the microcosm of Echoes Of Life.
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2 Albums I can very much recommend:

Kian Soltani: Cello Unlimited For this album, Kian reimagined his favorite movie soundtracks for a supersized cello ensemble and recorded every note himself in multitrack recording sessions. Definitely listen to it and the beautiful melodies of Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore and Kian himself.
Martin Fröst: Vivaldi Martin got himself and us 3 Concertos for Clarinet in Orchestra by Andreas N. Tarkmann who brilliantly uses various themes by Antonio Vivaldi, who never got to know a clarinet ..

1 Text I really enjoyed reading:

Axel Brüggemann's commentary on what are possible reasons for half-empty concert halls post corona (in German)

More mainly musical recommendations almost every day via the socials below!
Many thanks for reading - as always, looking forward to hearing back from you.

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